Cerises or Vernis Framboise Agenda?

  1. This is my first thread..

    I discovered a Cerises Agenda on ebay for a good price(up to now). Before i saw this, i wanted to get the Vernis Framboise Agenda. I like both but can buy only one of them.

    What would you buy?
  2. That's tough! I guess if you want LE item, go with cerises especially you said it's good price.You can easily find Framboise agenda at Ebay or store..
  3. Well, this is a tough one, because both are pretty much discontinued, but at this point you can still get the framboise in stores.......I LOVE my framboise vernis, much more than I ever expected.....The cerises are super cute too, hmmmm, I prefer to have the vernis personally but I can't make that decision for you. I do have a cerises cles and it looks awesome with the framboise vernis agenda..just fyi...
  4. thank you girls. this is a really hard decision for me:crybaby: but i have 4 days left to think about it ...
  5. I think the choice is easy... Are you a "pink" girl or a "red" one? If that doesn't make it easier then are you a mono person or do you have enough mono? One or the other has to outweigh the other. Let us know what you decide. Good luck.
  6. If the cerises one is in good shape, get that one. It's easier to take care of. In terms of color transfer, the vernis might be a bit of a hassle depending on how well you take care of things...
  7. Cerises seems to retain a higher value and is not hard to maintain at all.
  8. If it was few days ago, I would have voted for the cerises(I'm so obsessed with the cerises speedy :P)... But I just saw the framboise agenda IRL and it is SO MUCH MORE gorgeous when I see it in person. I totally fall in love with it. So, really, I wouldn't know which to choose... :P
  9. Vernis = high maintenance.

    cerises = low maintenance just be careful on rubbing the cherries.
  10. maybe the cerises is easier to take care, but i have to be fear because of the rubbing of the cherries.
    the vernis is maybe to sensitive and a problem because of possible color transfer. but some say that the maintenance of this is higher...hmm...
    thank you girls for your opinons. they are both just beautiful and i still dont know which one to get. they are positive and negative aspects on both...
  11. I personally prefer the Framboise more.. the cherries never really appealed to me..
  12. I love both..the vernis isn't that hard to take care of at all, especially in the Framboise. I've had the similarly colored fuchsia PTI wallet and used it constantly for 2 years and there isn't one spot or area with color transfer on it.
    However, since the Cerises is LE and you seem to like that, I'd go with that one, as long as the price stays reasonable enough to you.
  13. i say go for the cerises agenda just because it is MUCH easier to maintain...
    i put my vernis agenda in a dustbag so it doesnt get dirty and i FREAK out when ppl ask to see my agenda and then settle it near paper and newspaper and such!
  14. I don't agree, as a matter of fact, one of my cherries got scratched on my cles very easy:wtf: My framboise agenda has been a trooper so far:yes:
  15. :yes: well said