Cerises or panda?

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  1. Should I get a cerises or panda pochette? I can get a cerises pochette for $300. The panda ones are about $100 more from rec'd ebay sellers but I think are cuter. Are the pandas much rarer and a better investment?

    I really don't have the $ for a panda one but could save for it. Help? I have a cerises speedy so should I get a matching pochette or something different?

  2. I'd go with the Panda. That one is really rare and stores barely got a couple, if any, in. My favorite part about mine is how you can see the little panda's backside on the back of the purse. Too cute! Both are rare, but IMO, the Panda is a better investment as it only got to a few stores in the U.S.
  3. I got my Panda pochette ONLY because I already had a Cerises speedy and I didn't want to have two pieces from the same line in my collection. So, my vote is for PANDA!!!
  4. Panda but cerises are nice. I say get witch ever one looks the newest
  5. I like the Cerises
  6. i'll vote for cerises! good luck on what you decide! and please be sure to let us know!
  7. I'll go for the cerises
  8. I like the panda, but I think he's too loud.. the cerises are a little more subtle.
  9. Panda :nuts:
  10. I think Panda is more cute!
  11. Panda
  12. yesss
  13. Panda vote right here.
  14. Panda!
  15. Panda :smile:
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