cerises long wallet

  1. Does anyone own one????

    I'm so dying to have one!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. You and me both, Mas! :yes: I would love love love to have one!!!:love:
  3. me too!!!!!!
  4. Can I raise my hand that I'm one of you??
  5. I do and absolutely love it :smile:
  6. I saw one of these in the airport a couple of months ago...so pretty!
  7. do you mean we can still get cerises in the boutique???
  8. When I asked about cerises a month ago at the Atlanta shop, the SA said all they had left was the pochette accessoires and the sac plat. I think everything else is gone.
  9. LOL..I guess it's club for people who want this wallet..I am in..

    here are the pics from huang family:

  10. I have one and love it. I always get compliments on it.
  11. ooh.. it's sooo cute :P
    i lurve it...
  12. You have the cerises compact zip wallet too right? Which do you prefer?
  13. I had the compact zip. I sold it a few months ago. I really like both. I can't say that I liked one over the other. The compact zip fit perfect into my small bags, and my zip holds everything I need.
  14. Thanks :flowers:. I think I want an accessory to match my cerises speedy, but I don't know what yet...
  15. This wallet is so cute, I wish I had one!!