Cerises items still left at LV in Palm Beach Gardens

  1. I was in LV at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall today, and they have a few cerises items left. The SA showed me the Sac Plat, scarf (which I almost bought, it's so gorgeous!) and the umbrella.

    Just in case anyone is interested, thought I'd give you guys a heads up :biggrin: The number is 561-627-2298 :cool:
  2. the silky scarf? brown or white?
  3. It's the large brown silk scarf, with the cherries scattered all over it, not just on the edges of the scarf. It's gorgeous! I'm regretting not getting it :shame:
  4. wow! do you know if they had any speedy bags? that's prolly very wishful thinking...
  5. No Speedys :sad: Of course I asked, just in case of a miracle :lol:
  6. Ooooh, don't tell me that! I've wanted a ceries sac plat for a while. :cry: The mall is right down the street from where I work. It's going to take some willpower not to run over there and snatch it up!
  7. That scarf will be gone within minutes with all these PF's calling! LOL
  8. Go! It is just gorgeous :heart: I walked around the store carrying it :lol:

    I hope someone has bought the scarf, so I don't end up buying it :angel:
  9. how much was the scarf?
  10. It was $265.
  11. i've been thinking of a Cerises Sac Plat. do you know how much it retails for now?
  12. Do you know if they had any small pieces left, like the cles or round change purse?
  13. I was inspired by your thread and called 866 vuitton for a round cerises coin purse hoping I'll get lucky. But no luck. They are all out! really all out!
  14. Nope :sad: I asked her to bring out every cerises item they had left, and she only brought out those three. If they had a cles I would have snapped it up :P

    yeux - I'm not sure how much the sac plat was, I didn't look at the price tag :lol: I don't know how much it retailed for when they were still being made....
  15. I didn't think there'd be any left! So tempting!!!