cerises is starting to grow on me

  1. but I'm just worried that 25 might be too small..what do you guys think?! I'm 5'5".

    At first I didn't like it cuz it was small and I wasn't a af an of the cherries, but now it's growing on me and I think it's kind of a fun bag!!! So everyone tell me good things about it!

    I think I'm gonna get it after the baggy pm though...wouldnt make sense for me to buy 2 speedys right after the other when I'm craving for a shoulder bag!
  2. I'm 5'5" and the cerises speedy looks fine. I love it!
  3. I think it would look fine as long as you can use the size :smile:
  4. yup...! get it!
  5. if you are craving a shoulder bag...how about the bucket?
  6. I'm 5'5 and usually only wear a 30...but I love my cerises speedy! The smaller size adds a "cuteness" factor to it! It is a little more difficult to get things in and out...but I LOVE it!
  7. If you put a lot in your purse, not sure the 25 would be good for you, it is rather difficult to get stuff in and out due to the smaller opening. But the Cerise line is too cute, you should get something from it, like the bucket (if you want a shoulder bag).
  8. The Cerises is my only 25, all my other Speedys are the 30. I do love the Cerises though and it still fits the things I need it to. I'd get it if I were you :yes:
  9. I really like the cerises.
  10. I wouldn't stuff the cerises speedy like I do with my mono 35...prolly just the essentials...cuz if I stuff it, my arm might break off (which it sometimes feels like when I DO stuff my 35)....I'm not really into the bucket, but I will look at it more...but I am thinking the cerises is worthy to add to my wishlist...it won't be for awhile anyway so I have plenty of time to think!

    I thank everyone for their suggestions and opinions...sorry I kinda left my own thread, I got distracted and watched Devil wears Prada! hahaha
  11. I adore my cerises I get tons of compliments on it when i take it out. It really is a fun bag! Get it!!
  12. I would suggest getting at least one piece from the Cerises line. I ALMOST missed the line but going on a tip from Rebecca I called my LV store and low and behold I was able to snag a piece! Get one if you can, Jill.

  13. thanks for the info! I'm planning to get it used though just cuz it's a lot of $$ for cherries :p ....but if i can't get a speedy I would settle for a cerises round coin purse too...or a pochette...OMG...my list is gonna be LOOOOOOOOOONG!:push:
  14. Lol. I'm glad I was able to help you :p
  15. i'm 5'4" and the Speedy 25 is the only size i can pull off, so if you're only an inch taller than i am i'm sure you'll pull it off too. i have the Cerises Speedy as well, and it's such a fun and cute bag