Cerises & Groom pieces, is the silk screen print more durable than (ro)

  1. the Cherry Blossom line or about the same?

    I've been wanting to get a Cerise cles (but eBay is a little too pricey right now). Would it be a piece I can use regularly w/o worrying about the cherries rubbing off, or would it be more of a use-once-in-a-while piece?

    What about the Groom line? I've been thinking about picking up something from this line (don't want to miss out & regret later).

  2. I think they are pretty much the same, durability wise. I've had pieces from all the lines and haven't had any problems. And I am not extra careful at all with any of my bags. I think you should be OK.
  3. Yea, :yes: I agree that it should be the same in terms of durability since are actually using the same way to produce these items anyway.
  4. Thank you both.:smile:
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