cerises experts....

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  1. Can you please answer a question for me. Is the canvas used different on the wallets vs the speedy? The reason I ask this is because I'm thoroughly confused about something. I have been looking at many beautiful cerises here and I've noticed that the stem on the cherry over the LV is significantly different on the authentic cerises speedy's than on the fakes. This has been useful in spotting fakes on the 'Bay, but I have noticed that several MPRS have wallets listed with the stem over the LV at a very different angle than on the speedy's. I'm confused. I'm not asking for any authentication, that's why I didn't post this question there...what I am asking is for is some insight on what the canvas should look like. Should the same patterning be on both the speedy and the wallets?

    I'm not in the market to buy a cerises...it's a lovely pattern that I just find tricky to identify the real from the fakes.
  2. I'm no expert but as far as I know, the allignment of the cherries is different from the one on speedy and the one on the bucket, for example. So I don't think that it it the same for all cerises items. There used to be a thread about this before.
  3. ah-ha. Boy that sure makes it tricky for a newbie like me to spot fakes...lol. Perhaps they did it that way to make if trickier for the counterfeiters to get it right.

    DH just lost his job so there will be no new purchases for me in the immediate future, but I can still browse through the lovely cerises on eBay ;)

    Thanks so much I Love LV...that answers my Q.
  4. ^^ No problem. ;) Well, look at it this way, now you have more time to do your research for your next purchase! The more cerises pieces you look at, the better you'll get. Have you read on Allison's cerises guide?
  5. No -- is that on this website somewhere or on another website?