cerises cles fading!

  1. Hi, this is my first post here. I'm sure you can all help.

    Well, I bought a cerises cles in the end of December/early January (I have to check) from a seller recommended through Louis_Vuitton on eBay. After I got it I posted pictures on Louis_Vuitton to verify again that it is authentic since indentifying cerises isn't my best skill. Anyway, many of the members there told me not to worry that it is real.

    So, I've had it what almost four months now. I use it every day. So that may be the reason for whats happening ... Some of the cerises are fading/scratching off. Mostly the two in the corners on the side where the leather is sewn together. Also, the zipper is fading. But the key holder is fine. Is this normal wear and tear?

    I was told by someone on Louis_Vuitton to take it in and exchange it. They have heard of this happening before amongst cerises cles owners on the internet and that this shouldn't be happening. Is that the right thing to do? Plus I didn't but it directly from LV so I don't have a receipt. (The seller didn't even give me the little cerises booklet which upsets me but I didn't realize till way after. Plus I'm not even sure if cles's get a booklet?)

    Anyway, my point is, should I do anything about this? I don't want to have to stop using it just to save the cerises but I'm suprised they would come off so easily!

  2. i've heard about people having problems with fading/chipping on the screen printed ones (cerises, graffiti, CB, MC, etc.), especially on the corners, so what you're describing does sound like normal wear and tear to me........the louis vuitton website descibres this as "fading," which i guess is a nice way of saying that the color will rub off since it's printed on the surface of the canvas and therefore susceptible to damage, especially in spots that get rubbed a lot such as the corners.......:shame:
  3. Thats what I thought. I always expected this to happen. The idea of taking it back never even crossed my mind when I posted in the other site about this until someone said it. I'm happy with knowing it fades and isn't some defect. I like the worn in look so it doesn't totally upset me, but I don't want the cerises to be gone by the end of the year! I guess I'll just have to be more careful.
  4. hopefully the fading will remain relatively confined to the corners....i doubt they'll go away complete.......also, i kinda like the worn in look too.....shows that it's been well loved and there's beauty in imperfection :P

  5. so true! i couldn't have said it better! :biggrin:
  6. I bought a mono one and I'm keeping my cerises one in storage to resell someday...I was worried that would happen too, I've seen it happen with the multicolore bags.
  7. I think those are isolated cases. I've had MC cles FOREVER and it's been my keychain since day one and NOTHING has rubbed off, peeled or faded. The metal corners have scratches on them but the canvas is mint.