Cerises available?

  1. Do you think there might be any cerises speedy 25 available in LV boutiques?
  2. No...I have called 1-866 Vuitton a few times and all they have had in stock was the pochette, the bucket, and the keepall.
  3. They still have the bucket? Do you know the price?
  4. I think it's been a while since any LV carried the cerises speedy. I saw the silk scarf and sac plat at the LV in Palm Beach Gardens back in May, and maybe there are a few pochettes floating around?

    I think eBay is the only route if you're looking for the speedy :smile:
  5. Yeah the Speedy's were practically sold out by the time I got mine last March! I'd gotten the one they had in the case, which was the only one they had in stock.
    I think I only saw it one other time in my store and after that, all they had were the pochettes and a couple of umbrellas.
  6. Thanks everyone. I will call 1-866-vuitton to see what's left. I'm very afraid to buy from ebay. I don't think I want to take that risk.
  7. Yeah ebay can be VERY scary, but if you have a look at a few cerises speedy auctions and post links to them in the "authenticate this" thread all the cerises experts will be able to tell you if it's yay or nay!!!
  8. Thanks, I would do that if I decde to purchase from ebay but I also heard that they will post an authentic piece and then send a fake. That's what I'm most afraid of.
  9. Yeah definitely post anything you're interested in in the authentication section..we'll be glad to look at it and look at the seller for you. :smile:
  10. I called 866 about last week and they told me that they had 2 Cerises Keepalls in stock at the LV inside Saks in San Antonio, TX... *sigh* That's one of my dream bags...
  11. Thanks guys I will look into it.:yes:
  12. So, please help an LV newbie here...

    If you call the 866 number and they find one...what then - you call that LV store and they ship, or do the people at the 866 number help transfer a purchase for you?

    Thanks! :shame:
  13. If the rep at 866 VUITTON finds you what you're looking for, they ship it to you. You order it directly through 866 VUITTON - give credit card info, choose shipping method, etc. :smile: