Cerises - are the cherry eyes meant to be different?

  1. :shrugs:Okay peoples, I'm having a freak-out...in nearly every cerises auction I see (I'm focused on the single stem cherries) nearly all of then seem to have different eyes:
    I noticed the BLUE lining of the eyes seems different. In some designs they're just slightly rimmed around the inside of the eye, spread out fairly evenly, while in others the blue seems to be more prominently on the left or right hand side of the eye. I've popped a few pictures up too, just so you can see if I'm crazy or there IS a difference.

    For those who bought from LV boutiqyes (not ebay...) which way are your cerises eyes? A slight blue rim around the inside of the eye or more to one side???

    1st pic: even blue rim
    Auction link: eBay.au: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON CERISES murakami SPEEDY 25 (item 330017818660 end time 16-Aug-06 19:38:54 AEST)

    2nd pic: thicker rim towards right side...???
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    :sad: So which is real??? or are they both??? Are there differences in the cerises eyes?
  2. Hi there!

    If you want a good place to go to get great advice on the authenticity of bags, go to this ebay board:

    eBay Forums: Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories

    This thread is the shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories Discussion Board so you can ask them anything about bags you find that are questionable.

    Good luck!
  3. Cool thanks guys!!!
  4. On my Cerises Pochette, the eyes are rimmed with blue all around, white in the middle, with a tiny black dot in the very middle. I think it's different with each style.
    Cerise Pochette Cherry pic.jpg
  5. It's definitely different with each style..the small ones (like those on the Speedy and cles) only have their eyes LINED in blue. But the ones with the large cherries (like on the keepall, pochette and sac plat) have the dot in the middle of their eye as well.