Cerises Agenda Refills

  1. HI at all,

    do you think 70 dollar are to much to spend on the Cerises Refills for 2006. I won't use it, so i I'm thinking about. But they are so cute and never again be made :crybaby: and now I have this oppurtunity to get it.

    What do you think?
  2. They'll be a cute momento!
  3. Kind of a waste if you can't use it. They should give them away come December.
  4. I think I called 1866, they said sold out in USA..
  5. I found it on ebay :nuts:
  6. Save the money for something you can use. JMHO.
  7. Seems a lot for something you won't use and can't carry around. The stickers are cute though.
  8. I would buy them, just because you never know what you may do with the agenda in the future so its good to have the matching refills. Also imagine if in 40 years you are one of the only few people left in the world with the Cerises Refills for 2006 because everyone else has used thiers, wouldnt that be just great. I hope you get them, then when Im 56 you can PM me and say "I still have them!" lol :smile:
  9. Save your money, they´ll be old in a few months.
  10. don't get it if u're not going to use it.....
  11. i reckon you can save that 70 towards something better (and more useful) :smile: but its really up to you, i buy lots of stuff that i wont ever ever use :smile:
  12. if youre a collector, get it! plus the stickers are so cute!
  13. Socialite: :lol: :lol: :lol: So in a few years i will pm you, because i think im gonna get it.

    I really know that it is stupid to spend money on something you know, you won't use it. But they are just to cute and maybe it's worth also when i just look at it :shame: :love: