cerise up for grabs!!

  1. You can call 866 vuitton and they still have some left brand new....around $400.
  2. That seller is a member of PF.
  3. Yes just call th 866 number they will locate one for you . It's always better to get a fresh bag especially if it still availle from louis vuitton, the price is $375
  4. oh really bag? good to know....I've been looking at a couple of items from her.
  5. btw twiggers, i purchased my mc alma from her. very happy w/ the transaction.
  6. Marcia~ LOL, you posted my auction! LOL

    Princess~ No, she did not buy that one. Her's was about 4 seconds from being new. Is their a reason that auction is posted though?
  7. No, I was just talking about the style (multicolore or mono canvas). I know you are not the Seller of this bag.

    By the way nice pochette accessoires :heart:
  8. thanks for letting me know kahlua!