Cerise Speedy

  1. Can you ladies that own this bag post a pic of you wearing it?

    I want to see what it looks like on. I have seen it before but need a refresher.

  2. Here is me with mine:smile:

  3. I swear to GOODNESS i can always count on you!! ^^^ :angel: :happydance:

    Thanks dear.

    Question: When you wear this do you find it hard to match? What do you wear it with usually?
  4. I took it out today and wore the outfit you see in the pic above. My every day attire is very similar to the pics below (I usually wear similar things with this bag):
    20051027-fabiani_borsa_cerises.jpg 20060104-clerici_vuitton.jpg 20060208-melissa_vuitton_cerises.jpg
  5. I like this alot- I like how she has red accessories to accent the cherries!
  6. You can kinda see it in here..
  7. I love this bag.
  8. WOOT WOOT!!!! cleavage shot...the bags not bad either...lol
  9. You guys all look so sexy with your cerises Speedies!
  10. REBECCA :heart:

    you look so flippin hot with your cerise speedy, and your mom with her MC speedy is adorable!!
  11. you ladies look so cute with your ceries! makes me want one!! :smile:
  12. You have the cutest tops LVAddict!
  13. I Love Your Top Rebecca!!!!
  14. Hehe ;)
    It's Primp by the way.
  15. Rebecca!!! I looove your bag!!! Where did you get it? LOL.