Cerise Speedy -where-oh-where? =)

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  1. I've been bitten by the cherry bag and I'm scrambing to find a Cherry Speedy. :shame:

    What is the current average price and does anyone have one for sale.

    Any help would be super and sorry for the extra post... =)
  2. About $1100 IIRC. Try your local boutique, and if not call the LV boutiques in Hawaii. They hang onto a lot of the specialty stuff that flies off the shelves in urban areas. HTH
  3. I think they're completely sold out at the boutiques. I know there's a few pochettes and Sac Plats out there. I was able to get the pochette and Sac Plat last month.
  4. I never like the the Cerise. But like you I find I love the key/coin. I am not an ebayer so its out of the question for me. LV gave them to their employees as a gift. That was one time I wish I was an employee lol. Good luck with your search.
  5. call 866-VUITTON...if it's out there, they will find it!

    otherwise, knuckle up and get prepared for eBay...and if you find something you want, post it on the seller watch if you are unsure of its authenticity.
  6. Yes..better call 866-VUITTON,they might be able to locate one for you....
  7. Yup, called 866-VUITTON and its confirmed its completely sold out.
    not even a return! =(

    And the one on eBay is already snatched up!
  8. ^^yes. i'm pretty sure that is real.
  9. No, it's not. The card thing is wrong.
  10. let-trade still has one with BIN of 1299.99
  11. I've been considering the let-trade one for awhile, but I was hoping (if possible) find a new one without surface dirt on its handle.

    The one by louis-henrick looks really good though, but if there's a small chance of being fake then thats not good.

    purselova34 what card thing is wrong?

  12. Goodluck! Are you getting a 25 or a 30?
  13. cerises only came in 25