cerise speedy price?

  1. Hi all...my friend wants to sell me her cerise speedy and I was just wondering how much I should buy it for as it has been used. I would give it a 7 out of 10 being best.

    The handles are darker, but I like lighter handles. I have no other choice but to go thru ebay so, I would rather go thru her because I know its authentic.

    Or should I hold out for my dream of finding a mizi mono??? I think I've come to the conclusion that it would be impossible for me to do so. I love the cerise speedy and I have a pochette too. Help!

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks a bunch...
  2. 999 + is what they are going for on ebay, they started out at 995 i think.
    I think given that its discontinued retail is fair, maybe a little below.
  3. coax her to sell it to you 1/2 price ;)
  4. ^ or to sell to me ;)

    But I agree, close to retail is good
  5. Hmmmm....even not as great of condition?
  6. is it only an issue of the handles being dark ?
  7. Well I think its dark cause of use and lil blk spots. When you handheld speedys...
  8. Hahahhaha...prada I wish it were half price.
  9. In Thialand..it's about $875 but...it depends on the conditions, right?
  10. and it's a limited edition, that's why the price still high :P
    let-trade had one and there's some rub off on the cerises, and he start the auction with 975 something...
  11. Do the cerise rub off easily?
  12. if you use it carefully, it's not easily rub off. as long as you don't toss it around, it's safe enough :P
    that rub off problem is the same with the multicolore line too.
  13. Which part of Thailand? This price you mentioned is for the original retail price or the current Thailand market price for used cerises speedy? :shrugs:
  14. You can use baby wipes to clean the handles. Around $1000 is a pretty fair price.
  15. Ok, should I or shouldn't I??? Cerise speedy now or be patient for a mizi if I can find one...???