Cerise Speedy or Cerise Bucket???

  1. Which one would you get and why? The speedy is $1300 and the bucket is $1550. I think the bucket would fit my lifestyle better but I am deathly afraid of the bottom of the bag (getting it filthy). Any opinions would be appreciated!
  2. speedy, because i love the shape! :biggrin:
  3. Personally, I think the speedy is much cuter than the bucket. I saw a woman carrying the speedy the other day, and it just looked hot. I just liked how the cerises looked on the speedy more than on the bucket. JMO
  4. Speedy, the one and only, so adorable!
  5. The Speedy. Where did you find one? :smile:
  6. Don't you get a pochette with the bucket too? I would have to say Speedy (not a fan of the bucket, sorry:shame: ).
  7. For The Cerise Line I Prefer The Speedy....It Sounds As Though You Want The Bucket!!! Let Us Know What You Chooose ~ Either One, I'm Sure You Will Be VERY Happy!
  8. speedy!!
    will hold more, you're able to close it and feel more secure with it.
  9. Can you still find cerises at LV Stores?
  10. I am going with the Speedy! Thank you ladies!!! I am getting it from mypoupette seller "Ultimate Handbag".
  11. gucci: occasionally. Saks iN Chicago had the pochette and the sac plat about 5-6 weeks ago.
    Someone also posted that another store had the sac plat as well.
    My SA told me that a speedy in cerises would be impossible to find retail (of course they're always on ebay). He could have been lying though.
  12. Speedy!
  13. I love the Speedy :heart: Post pictures :biggrin:

  14. ohhhh...I want a speedy....
  15. speedy - all the way!