Cerise Speedy on ebay listed at.....

  1. A cerise speedy listed on ebay for over $2000.00 dollars US does this seem over priced? How much did they originally sell for? Seems pricey to me:confused1: :shrugs: ..... Love that bag but, would not pay that price...plus I do not shop at ebay because there are too many tricksters!!!!!
  2. In Euro it was over 750 and in Dollar it was maybe over 1000?
  3. I think it was $999 USD, and I agree that $2000 is too high.
  4. Yes its way over priced but somoene will pay that.
  5. I love that bag but, that is nuts that they are asking over 2k USD. The bag is sold out so, maybe that is why they feel that they can ask double....crazy!
  6. wow.. very overpriced
  7. Definitely overpriced- you should be able to get a brand new cerise speedy for under $1600.
  8. who's selling it? Let me guess. TheHuangFamily or oo-la-louis
  9. Really?! I did not see the that... The most expensive I saw so far is around $1700+...
  10. Yup mine was $995, I found the receipt yesterday while looking for the one for the cerises cles for another thread.
    But yeah..2k is definitely over the edge..that's nearing the price of the graffiti speedy.
  11. I agree someone will pay for it.
  12. That's crazy!
  13. That is overpriced, bu hey people will buy it!
  14. 995.00 was the retail last year.
    I bought a brand new one on ebay a few months ago for less then 900$ and then changed my mind and sold it for $990.00. If you look you can deff find one for about retail or a little more, but deff not 2k.
  15. Yea, maybe few years down the road the price will raise till that amount but definitely not now, the line was only released last year and some leftover cerises pieces can still be found in the boutique now (thought not speedy)... :rolleyes: But after a few years if it is still so sought after, I believe it's not impossible that the price will get to that amount, if I'm not mistaken, the retail price of graffiti speedy was lower than the cerises, right? With a few price increase of LV throughout the years, the price will definitely go up... :sweatdrop: So I should really be getting one soon before that happen... :Push: