cerise sac lezard fermoir

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  1. Does anyone know how much these are currently selling for? I can't find any, and I'd really like to own one... I want this one...
  2. That piece is limited edition and sold out. There are several authentic ones eBay but have us check it out first.
  3. I love the Uma Thurman campaign by LV. I'm a BIG "Kill Bill" fan. Her look is TDF !

    I think what was said is right - it is a limited piece and it is no longer in store b/c I think this was from 2005 (?) Correct me if I am wrong though ;)

    If you're interested in a Pochette, you can check out Karen's site http://www.karenkooper.com/Magasin/new_index/Suite/Suite_Vintage.html 'cuz I just checked one out there this morning.

    I think Rebecca would love it b/c she's THEE pochette Queen of the forum! :supacool: Ask her to show you her Pochette collection - it's AMAZING!
  4. If you do a quick check on ebay you can see what they're selling for. But they are super limited and no longer available.
    if I'm not mistaken they run around 3K on ebay.
  5. The ones on Ebay are going from $3000 - $9000
  6. I love authentic.lv she has the best of the best
  7. That is a beautiful bag! It sold out so fast, never even hit the floors, just like the lazard pouchette.
  8. WOw! I never even knew that existed! So pretty!
  9. Poufiasse, I prefere the authentic.lv sac fermoir, the pochette is cute with the koala buckle, the bag is more classy IMO
  10. I love this bag but is soooooo out of my budget..
  11. beautiful but wow! $7000 bucks. :shocked:
  12. Wow, gorgeous!
  13. i wanted that bag so bad when it came out (as a present for my sister) a little more than a year ago. the only ones i found back then were fakeys, so i gave up. geez, 7k, though? good gosh! that's the price of a pre owned honda!
  14. I love it too and yes it's mad expensive lol :nuts:

    But it's made of lizard!