Cerise Question

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  1. I have a very important debate going on with someone. What is the background of the Lv monogram on the Cerise Speedy? Or any cerise bag for that matter. One my friend recieved (trying to help me out with my quest) the Lv monogram had two colors in it! The colors are a brown, and a green? Far away it gives the contrast of the regular LV color. yet close up you can see the design. It seems to have a wood look to it. Here's a pick. But i doubt it'll show it well.

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  2. The monogram print on that cerise looks too big. Where did she get the bag from/how much did she pay for it?
  3. Her mom bought it, for her, to give to me. It's from ebay I believe, I know it's a fake, But am I living in another world. Because the monogram background is hard to explain. It's the Lv print, but it has a light brown background,the other color is darkish green brown, and it's a wood like texture to it. Like the Lv print looks like it was ment to represent wood!

    I am just curious to know, does the Cerise line use a diffrent LV/symbol print color to their line?Like up close is their ment to be two colors? I always thought it was the regular Monogram print, with the cerises in front. And it's just one color.

    Maybe I have been all wrong this whole time. Or the replicators seriously messed up.

    Far away it looks exactly like my regular lv mongram. But up close it has this wierd print. Anyone who knows anything, thanks for helping out!
  4. It's hard to tell from the photos. I have also always thought that the cerises line used the regular LV monogram print. But something looks off. Do you have a zoomed-out (but still somewhat close) photo of the bag? Sometimes looking at the whole picture can give someone a better idea of what they're supposed to be looking for.
  5. I tried! But the camera won't catch the print that well! But all I need to know is if the monogram is suppose to have a diffrent print, I wanted to know, b/c I am still looking for a LV, and I thought maybe I missed the detail that cerises might have a special print. If any 1 one the forum might know, or they have one, it would be great!

    But I think it's just a terrible fake, I think LV print on cerises are suppose to be one color, unlike this one I am looking at!:amuse:
  6. I think Superbaby recently purchased an authentic cerises Speedy, you might want to PM her and ask to see detailed photos of her bag.

    Sorry I wasn't much help!
  7. no, they don't have a different print under it. i asked my s.a. today, luckily i work next to a lv shop.
  8. an LV bag with a pattern like this is fake. i know that, unfortunately, because waaay before i got in to bags at all, my friends and i bought them as souveniers on a trip to new york. my bag has the slightly strip-y look to the monogram. it's weird - kind of wood-grain, like you described. i've never carried it and i'd throw it away (knowing what i know now) but i can't bring myself to because it's a reminder of a great trip.
  9. If you take a look at the sac plat cerises and regular monogram, they both have the same number of monograms (LVs) across the width of the bag (5), check it out.



    So, same type of monogram, except one has silk screened cherries on top !