Cerise Porte Monnaie Rond Wallet

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  1. I just had to share my favorite coin wallet. Love it hanging on my Cerise speedy! :love: Thanks for letting me share :biggrin: ...




    Here it is w/ my Cerise speedy:

  2. How cute. :smile:
  3. Love It!!!:d
  4. Rose that's a cherry item I really like ;) V
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  5. i have one too and i love it......seeing those little smiling faces makes me really happy (silly i know) :P
  6. I love it too - just wish it were a bit wider so that it could hold a credit card or two.
  7. It's so cute.. but oh so rare and marked up in price now !
  8. In your opinion any authentic on auction now??:unsure:
  9. Very cute Rose!! I had one and sold it, and I am missing it now! :sad:
  10. The Cerise couple is so cute!:love: I also love that you put the Hermés "Chaine D'Amour" charm/key chain on the L'Ingénieux PM. They look fabulous together!;) :love:
  11. Just too cute!!
  12. Rose you have such great style! I am your purse stalker. :love:
  13. Rose! don't do this to me, those cherries look so juicy I want one to now, I already sold my cerises speedy now you are making me want it back again - even though it never suited me!!

  14. So cute! I like the way it looks with the Speedy!

  15. Congratulations, Rose! It looks great together!