Cerise Pochette Owners.

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  1. Is your Cerise Pochette Made in France or Spain??

  2. Mine is made in France.
  3. France
  4. France :smile:
  5. france
  6. France
  7. Pick one up today and its made in Spain :blink:
    Is it Ok or abnormal?
  8. can you post pics? I've never seen a cerises pochette made in Spain.
  9. Here are the PICS.
  10. Mine is also made in France.
  11. If it helps any, I have an authentic black MC pochette Made in Spain and the font is identical.
  12. I got them from the LV boutique. What should I do? Should I return it?
  13. Why would you reutrn it?
  14. Do you think someone returned a fake bag? I'm getting worry now.:sad:
  15. heck no, dont return it

    keep it

    it dont matta if its made in spain its still the same quality!
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