CERISE made in SPAIN ???

  1. hi all...i purchased a cherise pochette and it was sent to me from an LV boutique. i have never seen one made in spain and the font is a little different, as well as the date code.

    CA0015 is my date code. is that normal? font is a little different than my other vuittons. i'm a little worried because on the front of the pochette, there are only 2 LVs on one row, compared to my cherry blossom and mono, there are 3 LVs on each row. buying from a real LV store, i should have no worries right? this is however, my 1st cerise piece and want to make sure.

    PS: it does have blue eyes but the interior is just like the mono and it has red stitching. thanks for all your help!
  2. That all sounds correct - date code is valid, two LV's across, inside is brown, etc..

    Just don't know what you mean by the font being different - on the date code???
  3. Yes there are only 2 LVs on front
  4. If you purchased it from a boutique you have absolutely nothing to worry about:smile:
  5. does anyone have theirs made in spain? i always see france? why is that?
  6. They still have these? Congrats!
  7. yes, i purchased it from an LV boutique...she even sent me a personalized thank you card. that was nice of the SA.
  8. i called the 866 vuitton and they found one for me. i was extremely shocked!
  9. hey shouldereyecandy, which store did you get it from?
  10. Yes, they were made in Spain, also. I purchased one from a LV Boutique and it was made in Spain but I really wanted a made in France, so I called 866 Vuitton to locate them.
  11. If I'm not wrong most limited ed. pieces are made in Spain or Italy.:smile:
  12. boku, so did you exchange yours? were they able to find one made in france? should i do the same?
  13. mas2388, i got it at Vegas
  14. Lots of bags are made in Spain and have been for years, It makes no difference in quality. I have quite a few, epi, cerise, dalmatien, denim. It would never cross my mind that "made in Spain" makes it less of an LV, that I would need to trade it. Your pochette sounds perfect and is now rare. Try and enjoy it:smile:
  15. Yes, they located one in Saks LV and I exchanged it. I understand they are the same but for my preference I wanted a made in France. :smile:
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