Cerise Line

  1. Quick question...I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when the cerise line came out. I thought it was the spring/summer of 2005 but I'm not 100% sure. TIA!
  2. That is what I thought as well; I knew it was '05 but was not sure what season.
  3. Spring Summer 2005 :yes:
  4. ^^^ Thank you! I can't believe that I haven't even noticed that before.
  5. It was 2004.
  6. ^Actually, some of the bags started being produced in late 2004, but they began being sold in Feb. of 2005. I remember because I went out the week they came out and got the last Cerises Speedy at my store. :heart:
  7. I really want a pochette!
  8. Yes S/S 2005. I also see all of the date code end with xxx5.

    LV released Cerises in:
    bucket, speedy, sac plat, pouchette, long zipper wallet, compact zipper, key cles.

    I don't remember the official name cerises with alligator coz I've nothing :p