Cerise keepall with shoulder strap, by request

  1. Here is my cerise keepall with the shoulder strap. I think it really helps, especially when traveling.

  2. :drool: so cute..
    i make decision take keepall cerises now...
  3. ooh thanks for taking pics!! I think it looks adorable!!
  4. No problem. I know people are always like :confused1: , when I say I use a strap with it (I use the same strap in the same way for my mc keepall 45).

    When I bought it, I told my SA I wanted to buy the strap, for both pieces, and she said, 'won't work, no clips.'...I said sure it will.....and showed her. She was like :nuts: , that's a great idea...lol.
  5. you are brilliant!! thanks for the pics.
  6. Wow, you know I :love: everything cerises... it's such a beauty!! :drool:
  7. Lol...that would be the way my mom would have put her strap on her MC Speedy..and the SA told her that they'd sell it to her but then if any damage occurred, it wouldn't be able to be fixed since they'd be able to tell she put a strap on it against their recommendations.
    I do love that keepall though..you're really making me want one!! :love:
  8. Lol, love your new avatar pic ;)
  9. Hmm, they didn't say that to me, plus it seems strange to be in issue, since you would be lifting from the same points. But, I guess they figure better to be safe than sorry, from their point.

    But I have lugged this everywhere, stuffed and no signs of stress issues at all.
  10. Thank you twinkle.tink :whistle::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Lol well that's good. I just remember the look on my SA's face when my mom asked about a strap for the MC Speedy. It was like :wtf: . Haha. And she continued to say that it would scratch at the hardware (like the links where the strap is hooked on) and if that were to happen, they wouldn't be able to fix it.
    My mom used to put the strap on her old mono Speedy and you notice some TINY little marks on it but it's not a big deal since she didn't always use it.
    Anyway as long as your bag is doing OK with the strap-leave it! It's way too cute :heart:
  12. cute!
  13. I didn't think about scratches, I guess that could happen, but I am not too picky, so that wouldn't bother me, but I guess that would be something to think about, if you were :smile:
  14. Lol I know..I don't really mind either. I don't baby my bags much :lol:
  15. I love it, Mary! I want the Cerises Keepall! : (