Cerise is pleased to meet you all

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  1. Erm, yes, my baby Grenat has a name...

    I took a picture without the flash and with the flash... I hope it gives you a good idea of the colour. :love:
    IMG_1228.jpg View attachment 6460
  2. Howdy, Cerise! Gorgeous.
  3. Hi, Cerise, welcome to Perja's home :P

    Gorgeous! :nuts: Love that color.
  4. Gorgeous, I love the colour !
  5. A true beauty. The color is so pretty!
  6. Ooh! Is this a new color for SS?
  7. Nice color!
  8. I really like that color - congrats - it is so perfect as a mini. :biggrin:
  9. I LOVE the cherry accents you put on it, gorgeous bag! Where did you purchase it from?
  10. Call me names....call me crazy...I have NEVER liked these bags!!! I love the color but the style is just not my thing! (I feel so bad!) What is that big LOCK! sorry....not my thing!!!!
  11. wow that is really pretty, i love that color and it's sooo cute in that size!
  12. I really love the Grenat color :love: Very cute bag!
  13. This was one of the colors that I sought out to get but never found one to purchase. This is indeed a bag to keep... the color is gorgrous!! In my very last attempts to find this color, I talked myself into getting a whiskey instead... how and where did u get a hold of this bag. Your sooooo Lucky!
  14. Don't rain on her parade... she did not ask you for your opinion! She's simply sharing her joy of being a new bag owner. There are threads for your opinion and they are usually titled 'help me decide' or 'this bag vs. that bag'. If you feel so bad that you must apologize then it's best to keep your unsolicited opinion to yourself!

    You wouldn't walk up to a new mom who just introduced her newly born baby and say ' call me names... call me crazy... I have NEVER liked babies!!! I love her coloring but the shape of her body is not my thing! What are those big BABY CHEEKS! sorry....not my thing!!!!' now would you?

    Perja, love your Cerise! the big lock and everything! :love::love::love:
  15. The charm or the bag? I made the charm myself (and I do sell them at my Etsy store </shameless plug> )

    I called in at the Paddy stand at the Printemps in Paris and the SA said the baby Paddies were coming in in any colour she could get. When I called again, some had arrived and when I saw the colour, I fell for it.
    Really glad I was able to get one because there was only 6 and the one I got in the first place was faulty (zip tabs sealed at the end).

    That's ok, it's my bag not yours ;) but I'm sure you can relate to my feeling of happiness at having a pretty bag. And thanks 3monkeys for defending my little bag :love: