Cerise coin purse or Cerise cles...

  1. Which one is cuter in your opinion? :girlsigh: I trying to find a round coin purse, but the only one I found seems to be double what they were when they first came out, but it is new. The cles is adorable too though.
    I'd like to hang the coin purse from my LV bags if I decide I like one enough to spend so much $$$.But double the price... :Push:
  2. Cles! It's cuter and more practical!!!:yes:
  3. i think the coin purse is adorable! :love:
  4. I agree with the Cles! you can use it for more than the coin purse...maybe making it easier to justify the price?
  5. Cles all the way! I think you will get a lot more use out of it than the round coin purse.
  6. Here's a picture of the cerise coin purse on a Popincourt Haut. It is more of a decorative item than practical. But I like it!

    I think LV should have designed it so the cherries were right side up when it is hanging like this!
  7. LV_Mama_AZ: I like the Porte Monnaie Rond... it's effing cute like your avatar!!! :biggrin:
  8. you'd probably get more use out of the Cles, since, after all, it's for cles :lol:!
  9. suedoc thanks so much for the pic showing how the coin purse looks on a bag :flowers:

    jm311 thanks for the compliment on my little sweetie :love: :flowers:

    yeux thanks for the cute joke...." after all, it's for cles" :roflmfao: :flowers:

    thanks to everyone for helping me out...you all rock! :yahoo:
  10. I would go for Cles they are just the same really.
  11. I want both too! I have the cles (and have yet to use it though)....if I ever see one for a good price I'll snag it....but for now my cerises family is complete (momma speedy, teenage pochette, and baby cles...I feel no need for daddy keepall lol)
  12. the rond is not very practical for things like holding cards and ID's. It's really only practical for money and possibly keys. The cles can hold everything and possibly keys.

    about price, if you want it badly enough, you'll pay the price. These are long gone in stores and the price is based on the consumer demand.
  13. :wlae: i like the cles - the cles is totally growing on me!!! go the cles!!!
  14. Cerises cles! I'm waiting to receive mine in the mail!:nuts:
  15. This is really hard..I have and LOVE both. My mom sometimes uses the Cles for her credit cards and I hang the round one off my bag as a charm or inside my bag if I need to get ahold of change quickly.