cerise cles retail price?

  1. Hello! I've been reading tpf for a while now but haven't really made a post yet, so hi!

    I've always liked the cerise cles but not enough to buy it. I saw someone with it while at work today and I feel as though I must have it! I saw a few on ebay but wanted to know the original retail price. I've tried looking it up in past threads but couldn't find it. I just want to know how much more I'm paying for a slightly used but limited edition item. This will help determine how much I really love this item haha. Thanks!!
  2. Hmm. I think it was about $125 or $130? If I can find the receipt I'll know it for sure.
  3. It was around $195.
  4. It wasn't $195. IIRC it was $135-$140.
  5. Thanks for confirming, Allison! The only receipt I found at the moment was for the round one, which was $235.
  6. Hmmm....I believe it was $195 also. How could it have been only $125 to $140 when that was the price of the mono cles at the time?
  7. It was around $135
  8. I bought one off Eluxury when it first came out for $190, this was in the early part of last year. I remember it clearly because I was so excited they had free shipping at the time too.

    Then I noticed afterwards, I forgot if it was 2 weeks or a month later, Eluxury had raised it to $195 and the free shipping was no longer available. I was twice as happy I bought it when I did.

    I did think it was odd the price went up $5 after it was released. I still kicking myself for not getting the zippy wallet.
  9. the receipt that came with mine, when I bought it on mp1, said $140
  10. It was $195
  11. I paid $190 on the day it was launched.
  12. I think a fair price on ebay is anywhere between $200-275....depending on usage.
  13. I paid $195 after it had gone up a bit, in July of 2005. That was the last US retail price as sold in LV and on Elux.
  14. I'm sorry, but what is IIRC? I'm bad with abbreviations.... But it WAS $195 USD, and I think it started out @ $190. Are you sure you're thinking of the right item, cerises cles??? I can pull out my receipt from LV, in July of 05 it was $195..... $135-$140 was like the price of the regular mono cles at the time (which is now $150)...
  15. maybe I was given the wrong receipt :sweatdrop: Anyways, IIRC = if I remember correctly