Ceriese Umbrella-what should i ask for on Ebay?

  1. I am trying to sell the Ceriese Umbrella for a close friend of my aunt on eBay, she was about to go iSOLDit but they are asking too much fees for it. I will rate it 9 out of 10 only b/c there's some honey spots (the biggest one is around 1/4inch diameter) on light patina handle, but i am sure it can be belind in once the rest of handle patina to honey color. Receipt and tags are included, so what price do you think the bid should start and around what price she can get out of it?

    Don't have picture yet, but i will try to post the pix w/n 2 days.
  2. sry i found some listing under eBay for the same item, the asking price is 1300 lowest, but what is the likely hood to actually sell it?
  3. $1300!! Sheesh..

    How much did they originally cost?
  4. They retailed for around $500.
  5. Did any sell for that much in the completed listings? I wish I would of bought one when they were out. I have a CB umbrella and I am afraid to use it.
  6. how can you search completed listings on eBay? I tried to look for that under Search by's drop down menu, but i couldn't find that option...it'd be great help to see what price is been sold at, so i don't quote my aunt's friend the wrong estimate price....
  7. Let-Trade sold one recently... but it doesn't say what price he sold it at... :sad:

    Perhaps try listing it for $300, have a reserve price of $650, BIN of $750, and list it at 7 days? I dunno. Just a suggestion. ;)

  8. WOW. I thought it would be for more. My SA offered one to me when I bought my Cerises Sac Plat.
  9. she is trying to make a small profit out of it, but w/the BIN price she want me to sell, she'd probably end up w/nothing after Ebay and Paypal fees.....it's so hard to sell for pp who don't understand the selling process and fee of Ebay, pp just assume you get 100% of what you sold price....
  10. you have to make sure you get your fees. use that calculator if necessary. it is not perfect, but i gives you a good ballpark idea of your fees.

  11. You can search completed auctions if you go to the left hand side of the screen and you have to check off that option. It should show you the completed auction of both ones that sold and didn't sell for the last 30 days. HTH.
  12. photo-THANKS for the link! It's sooo handy!

    spendingmore-I've checked and two sellers are asking for 1300, but it's been relist and never sold, i am thinking about 899 or 999 BIN
  13. Photo: Thanks for that link!!! It'll come in handy one day! :biggrin: