ceries zippy

  1. Wow - pretty but expensive.
  2. I have this wallet and adore it!
  3. Yeah ok :roflmfao: never at that price.
  4. For that price I'd much rather get a cerises bucket or speedy(if I didn't have it). It is beautiful though!!
  5. crazyness on price :roflmfao:. I didn't even get a bite on mine at $750 on there
  6. Woah... that's A LOT for a wallet.
  7. And I prefere the zippy compact with all the cerises on it.
  8. that price is ridiculous!:wtf:
  9. We might say that hte price is ridiculous but at the same time if you really really really wanted something and that was the only one on ebay..you might want to snap it up.
  10. Awesome wallet. Holy awful price, though!
  11. Love the wallet...I'd rather buy a bag though!
  12. I think I want a Zippy wallet now? :shrugs: