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  1. I know there were quite a few threads on it (which I looked at) but I still have a few questions.

    Do you think the tote that has a mademoiselle lock is suitable for young girls (early 20's)?

    I am looking for a perfect black bag that I can take anywhere (but then, it's Chanel, I'll never take it just anywhere). The leather looks indestructible and I love the whole look of the bag. Two things that bother me though - short handles (not a shoulder bag) and the fact that it's somewhat boring (even though I've tried other Chanel bags and all of them had huge logos, which I am not used to wearing, so they were out of the picture)?

    If you have a cerf tote, what are your experiences with it? Do you use it to dress up (for example, work) or just as an every-day bag? Have you had any problems with it?
  2. I have a brown one with the cc clasp and love it.
    The bag is definitely more low key them some other chanels, but that is why I like it. There are times where you don't want a bag with huge CC's coming right at ya.
    As for the straps, it is on the short side but totally comfortable on the shoulders with a light jacket. It comes with a long shoulder strap, so that is always an alternative if you need to be totally hands free.
    I am usually in jeans, and because the bag is somewhat "conversative" I like to dress casually when carrying it but that doesn't mean you can't dress it up.
  3. I have had a black cerf tote with the gold cc clasp for about 5 years-I love it , the handle goes on my shoulder when not wearing a coat and the second strap makes it longer, even across the shoulder. I use it dress up and down, looks great with jeans and sporty looks as well as suits, etc.-It has held up great and the exact same style is still available so it is a handbag for life.
  4. I have it in white and love it! It's so classically simple....I like that I can wear it anywhere, anytime, and it never looks inappropriate. The only thing is, if you buy a light color, beware of color transfer from your clothing.
    I definitely think it's an investment piece.
  5. Although I don't have a cerf tote ... yet .... I think you should definitely get it. I don't think it is inappropriate for a girl in her twenties. You will enjoy it for years to come. It is a classic tote.
  6. Cerf tote is fantastic! Mine was black with mademoiselle lock....a beautiful, understated and chic bag. Perfect for all ages!
  7. I have a beige with the cc lock. I love this bag so much I'm contemplating a choco one this fall! It's a perfect elegant and understated bag.
  8. Does anyone know how much the smaller size retail for? I know the big one is $1850.

  9. I love this bag. I have a black one with the gold CC clasp. It is very roomy making it a great everyday bag. I can cram a lot of stuff in mine. The side pockets are great for holding magazines. I used it as my airplane carry on last year after I bought it. I put all the usual things that are in my handbag (wallet, makeup case, notebook, cellphone, agenda, coin purse) plus my I-pod, a small bottle of water, 2 magazines, portable DVD player and two DVDs. I was amazed that it could all fit in there. One problem I have with the bag is that it is not a zip top. Also, I have a hard time keeping the zippered pouch snapped inside the bag but it might just be because I have so much stuff in it. I agree that the bag is definitely on the conservative side but it will last for years.
  10. I want a cerf tote to add to my collection. It's a great bag!
  11. i would prefer the grey 2.55 reissue in size 226.
  12. i LOVE the cerf! it's one of my dream bags. :love:
  13. I have a Cerf (old lock) and I'd say: buy it!! I'm also in my early twenties and I use the bag every day! It's a bigger bag, and excelent for work/college! I agree with you that it's a very descrete bag, but that's what I like about it, especially with my age...:flowers:
  14. I just saw the Break-up and I felt in love with the cerf Jennifer Aniston was carrying.It is a great bag.Do you know the colors? And sizes?
  15. Get the Cerf tote! I got the pink one 2 years ago and hardly use it b/c the color. So I had to get another one b/c I love the size. I'm taking the beige one out for a spin today;)

    The size is a classic and for some odd reason, it reminds me of the Birkin. :shame:

    Here is a pic of my girls.