cerf tote size?

  1. i have decided that this is going to be my next chanel purchase. i read from here that there are 2 sizes? can anyone tell me the excat measuremenet. and maybe if anyone has pic of someone carrying it?
  2. I have the east west version. It's smaller but the strap drop is larger thus more of a shoulder bag. The larger version it more of a tote. I'll post a pic in a bit.
  3. Mine is an older Cerf, and has stretched a bit, measurements on mine are:
    height- m/l 10"-width-between 14 and 15 inches, depth, thickness or fatness (don't know how to call it, m/l 4-1/2" to 5" at the bottom and 3" at top of bag. It has two handles, one has an 8"drop and the other is a long cross-shoulder messenger type. It has the cosmetic removable bag insert inside.
    Mine, has the gold cc closure and it is caviar-it is older so I don't know if a picture would help you, if you want one let me know and I'll post it.
  4. is this like the one that michelle has? the one that is in the ref library?
    thats the size that i want (i think). if this is what you have, how big is it? how much stuff can you put in it? what type of leather does it come in?
  5. habanerita,
    pic would be nice if its not too much trouble.
    how different is the older ones from the newer ones?
  6. Mine is approximatly 14w x 7 1/2L. It actually holds quite a bit, with the 3 departments. The middle department has zippered pouch that you can take out. I usually carry a paperback, wallet, cell phone, and some miscellaneous stuff.

    I think it only comes in cavier leather, but not quite sure.
  7. Actually, I recently went to Saks Chanel Boutique wearing my older one and it looked exactly like one they had in their glass case, I kow they make them with a different closure also, but the one they had was the gold cc closure just like mine, off to the movies with hubby now but, will post either later or tomorrow, a.m.
  8. michele, first of all, sorry I misspelled your name....
    second..... is yours the smaller one of the two ....?
  9. No big deal, my name is always spelled wrong - happens all the time. :heart: Anyway, mine is the smaller tote. I just looked on the tag to double check.
  10. I have a black one in the larger size and it's made of deerskin. As for pictures there are quite a few on this forum, and Vixy has/had one for sale (chocolate brown color), and she has pics of herself carrying it. What color are you thinking about? I think the beige is divine :smile:
  11. Here is a pic of the one I have.
  12. Hi J, do you use it much with all those H bags in your closet?
  13. Actually, mine looks exactly like Allinthebag's except the gold cc closure.
  14. i actually want it in black. i want the exact same one that allinthebag and michele have. is it comfortable to carry on the shoulder?
  15. :lol: (laughing) Actually Rose, that made me laugh because my DH asked me just before he left for China where all my Chanel bags were? "I have not seen one in weeks." LMAO I have been using my H bags but I did sneak my Cabas out this weekend....:yes: