Cerf tote, should I give in?

  1. Come on you enablers, seriously, I have been thinking about the cerf ALOT lately, should I try to hunt one down now with the old price. What do you all think? Does it hurt your shoulders when it's carried on the shoulder?
  2. I don't own this bag, but I like it too. I love the understated look of it......I want one too!!!!!
  3. you NEED one! it will be PERFECT in your collection! Hunt one down, hunt one down, hunt one down!!

    I havent used mine's yet but it seems to be comfy on the shoulders. Ack, I love it!!!
  4. I love this bag. No problem on shoulder. The handles are very soft. The drop is just short enough to keep the bag under the arm comfortably.
  5. Now, that's what I wanted to hear, hahahah!
  6. GET IT GET IT GET IT!!! I love this bag, it is very comfy!
  7. :graucho: so which color are ya getting?!
  8. I love the Cerf. It is a Chanel classic.
  9. get it! i love this bag and am coveting one for myself!
  10. I adore the clean, basic look of the Cerf. I couldn't get it on my shoulder (I was wearing a jacket) so I had to pass. :sad:
  11. Black of course, I'm addicted to black chanels.
  12. I also love the Cerf.
  13. I have the black Chanel Cerf & I have MAJORLY cut down on my collection BUT the Cerf is one I am keeping!

    It's a great bag & not heavy on my shoulder BUT then again ALL my bags are like suitcases! Its my workout for the day! LOL!
  14. Same here! Totally agree! =)
  15. I totally love the Cerf! I think someone mentioned that it will be coming out with silver hardware for Cruise so I plan to get one then.