Cerf Tote ?'s Prices, availability, etc.??

  1. Ok, I just got done reading a bunch of posts on the "Cerf tote bags" from a search I did.

    I was wondering if anyone knows the current prices (on both sizes) and if they're still available in the Chanel boutiques.....I mean, Can you just walk in and ask to see them? Or are they becoming scarce and the SA will have to locate one for you? (I'm interested in a blk. one)

    Also, what is the "current" clasp on these bags...CC or the mademoiselle?? Gold/silver HW??

    Thanks a bunch all!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  2. My NM always has these.
    They're not the right bag for me, so I never give them much attention, I bet someone here can give you the answers you need.
    Just wanted to let you know they're not scarce as far as I know.
    Oh, my Chanel boutique always seems to have at least one on display as well.
  3. I think they are always available. My SA referred to them as being classic.:shrugs: Just maybe not always available in the same colors. Lately I have seen either the mm closure in silver in the small or large sizes or the gold cc closure. I think they are $1895 and $1695. I'm saving right now to get one in April so I am hoping they will be around! :sweatdrop:

  4. Thanks Ladies!! :yes: That's good to know you've seen them in the stores. Thx for the info. on the prices Crochetbella.
  5. No problem! I'm so obsessed with the Cerf right now. :yes: :love:
  6. My cerf is on my "spring cleaning list". I only used it a few times and even though I love it, it is a shame to sit in a sleeper on a shelf, you know?
  7. I just bought this bag in black. It arrived today and I posted pictures in the post. It's a beautiful bag! I just called the Chanel 800 number and someone from a boutique called me within an hour.
  8. I just saw a gorgeous Jumbo Cerf tote in some exotic (Python?). It was $6,000! It had the CC clasp. My boutique didn't have the Cerf in leather, but they said it could be ordered.
  9. Congrats Kimberly! I just ck'd out your pics! Very nice!!:yes: Hmm, I'll have to keep that in mind.

  10. Thanks everyone for all the info!
  11. i paid $1850 last week plus tax. i took it back because it appeared previously handled and am waiting for a new one. i'm waiting because i want "bark" or dark brown and my sa has to locate it. at the chanel in chicago they always have black. good luck!
  12. oh and like posters above stated, they are classic, def. not scarce. u'll be able to find one, don't worry!