Cerf Tote Reveal


Jul 18, 2015
South Florida
After months of looking for a structured tote that I can use during the week, I decided on a structured Cerf tote. I debated about it for months because I wasn't sure if I wanted something more "fun." But I have bought my share of fun totes and they are never quite what I was looking for, so I took the plunge and brought it home with me today. Black leather with silver hardware, lots of pockets and it looks great! IMG_1495839141.097134.jpg IMG_1495839155.000590.jpg IMG_1495839168.552008.jpg IMG_1495839186.333475.jpg IMG_1495839197.271288.jpg IMG_1495839213.158169.jpg IMG_1495839226.374947.jpg IMG_1495839235.619320.jpg IMG_1495839244.730254.jpg