Cerf Tote Questions


Apr 28, 2006
I am thinking of buying a Cerf Tote (Black with Gold Hardware) and am wondering how it holds up with use and can it be worn casually?
I've been reading various threads about it and can't decide what to do. I've tried the Birkin and it just isn't for me, in fact, I sold it. Thanks for your insight. :smile:


Jul 10, 2012
i have the cerf tote and i absolutely adore it. it's pretty structured at first but it slouches down after several use. it's the bag's nature, so it'll slouch either way. it's very durable, i hold my macbook, some files and other handbag essentials in it. it will get heavy though. i think you getting it in black + gold is lucky! i remember calling up the chanel boutiques in london and 'demanding' them to call all the boutiques in the uk to find me one in gold hardware for about 3 months before my flight - it just wasn't cutting it though 😔 so i opted for a silver one instead! X
Nov 9, 2010
In Handbag Heaven
You sold your Birkin OMG I love mine...... I have a Cerf tote which I also adore & of course its so much lighter than a Birkin plus it has the shoulder strap which comes in very handy but it does slouch I've only had mine about 6 months & only used it a few times but its already softened quite a bit but I stuff it when I'm not using it as I want it to stay structured for as long as possible.


Dec 5, 2008
Love my cerf tote cos i like how much it can hold and how chic it looks when i dress up or down. Mine is beige with GHW though and it has held up nicely in terms of structure. But i do take care of the bag to a certain extent and i store it standing upright in my cupboard with some stuffing in it to retain its shape.
May 12, 2009
I find the cerf tote versatile and attracts way less attention than my birkin. It does slouch after awhile but it is part of the appeal. It's roomy with plenty of compartments. It's great!


Jun 9, 2006
I have the tan with ghw and love it.
I always wear mine casually. I use the strap all the time and it's so convenient. Thumbs up!


Jan 22, 2007
England, UK
I don't like the slouchy look of this bag at all. I purchased one last summer with the gold hardware and absolutely love it. It hasn't lost its shape at all as I'm so careful with it. I think the only reason it slouches is when people overstuff it or put heavy things in it and perhaps have it on their shoulder crushed under their arm. I'm really careful and aware when I carry it around that I'm not being rough with it when I open it and that it's not getting bashed against things. I even keep the stuffing in the centre zip compartment of the bag when using it and stuff my belongings down the sides. When not in use I store it with all the stuffing in it and lie it down in its dustbag in the box. It still looks the same as it does when I first bought it and when it starts to slouch I may possibly sell it as I really don't like that slouchy look. Having said all this, it is not my workhorse bag. It's just a bag I use to go out to lunch or go shopping. I use it approx once a month as I have other bags I can rotate it with.


Nov 21, 2012
Am thinking about the cerf tote too but read much about it being slouchy after sometime. I did a search on eBay and found some in quite a bad condition. Try the search & see if you would still like it after it