Cerf tote questions

  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to grow my little Chanel collection and I think that the cerf tote would be a great addition. I need some advice from other PFer's. Does this bag come in other colors besides black, brown, and beige? Right now I have a medallion tote so does it even make sense to get another tote??? Sorry for all the questions but any advice would be greatly appreciated!:yes:

  2. It also comes in pink.

    I have a medallion tote in addition to the cerf tote and I think they're different enough to justify having both. The medallion is a great casual tote and the cerf is perfect for when you need a more subtle bag.
  3. The cerf also comes in white.

    I think if a tote works for your lifestyle - then it definitely makes sense to have a few!

    A fellow PFer started a thread recently about the colours the cerf comes in and there could be more colours mentioned in that thread that you may find helpful.
  4. If you wait until the Cruise collection hits around November/December, Chanel will be making the Cerf totes wtih silver hardware versus the traditional gold. My Nordstrom (Seattle) is getting black and white with silver. Not sure if brown and beige is being made with silver hw.
  5. Right now the price is $1850 in some stores, but if you wait until the fall collection, it will be $1995. Some NM already have it marked up and I don't know about chanel stores.
  6. Thanks everyone for information. I love totes because you can put so much in the bag and still look very sophisticated. I would love to see the cerf in white.
  7. I have both the medallion and the cerf in black, they are great bags you can never have too many totes!
  8. The cerf is such a classy and understated bag. :smile: The leather on them is very durable (I've used mine as a book bag for years) and the construction is fairly strong as well.