Cerf tote please.....

  1. Has anyone seen a large black cerf with gold CCs? Preferably at a Saks so I can use my 10% off.
  2. I bought mine from Damian at Sak's, Bala Cynwood, PA - he is DJO here on tpf!

    call him at 610-667-1550 ext 258

    my favorite bag!!! thinking of getting another :yes:
  3. Thanks, I'll call him tomorrow. Did you get yours recently?
  4. about a month ago I think .... now I want the Dark Brown one with Gold CC Lock, I love this bag!
  5. I saw one at the Chevy Chase, Maryland Saks about two weeks ago, but I cannot remember if it was the large one.
  6. Thanks for everyone's help. A lovely PF'er PM'd me last night about one in FL. I called at 10:00am this morning and IT'S MINE. Will be here next Wed. This is what I love the most about this forum, everyone is so willing to help you find whatever you're looking for. Thanks to all the members of this forum for everything you do to help each other.
  7. Yay, congrats!!!! Did you save any tax/shipping?
  8. Lib, they have one in NM Northbook, Illinois. Phone number is 847 564 0300 & you can ask for Lisa or Polina. Hope this helps
  9. Oh congrats! It's a great bag!
  10. Hey Lib! Natasha had one in March when I was at NM. It was tucked away in the back. Have you checked with her?
  11. Hey PP - how are ya? I was at South Park on Saturday, but had already found one at Saks in FL. I had opened a Saks account and wanted to get my 10% off so I did not mention it to Natasha. Why do they keep things in the back and not let us know what they've got? How are they going to sell it like that - that irks me to no end. Anywho, I should have the cerf on Wednesday - can't wait - it is my newest bestest bag ever.
  12. Congrats!!!! What color did you get? Post pics when you get it!