cerf tote or jumbo flap?!?! HELP!!!

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  1. I'm trying to decide wether to get the creamy beige cerf tote or the beige jumbo flap....
    I have a GST black, and a black mini flap...so I really want something new and different....
    obviously the mini is too small sometime, so I need someting bigger..and GST is too casual sometimes....
  2. I think they're both gorgeous bags but right now I'm loving the look of the cerf tote and want one myself :smile:
  3. get the jumbo flap!
  4. I love the cerf and want to get one, but if the only flap that you have is a mini, then I think that I would advise the jumbo flap, especially if you want something more "formal." Of course, if you're looking purely for work/utilitarian purposes, then I would go with the cerf.
  5. Jumbo Flap!
  6. Get the Cerf with Gold Hardware. :smile: A great bag, holds a lot, not crazy heavy, love it. There is the large cosmetic/nylon bag in the center that is removeable...I leave mine out and use it for travel....its so big, I love it!

    The Jumbo is a fabulous bag, don't get me wrong, just like the functionality of a grab and go tote without the weight on my shoulder and the ability to carry a lot or a little... :smile:
  7. "obviously the mini is too small sometime, so I need someting bigger..and GST is too casual sometimes.... "

    Answer: Jumbo Beige Claig flap w/ghw = best combo everrrrrr!!! ;)

    I personally think that the cerf tote is even more "casual" than the GST...
  8. I have both - black cerf tote and beige jumbo - love them!
    What is your purpose of using this bag? work or casual?
    If the mini is your only flap then I will suggest to get the jumbo now (since the price is going to increase again)! Otherwise, cerf tote is a good size bag for everyday usage.
    Good luck on your decision.
  9. A Jumbo Flap! Its less casual than a cerf tote imo..
  10. jumbo flap! :biggrin:
  11. I say beige jumbo flap. I want it too!
  12. A jumbo beige claire flap w/ghw is one of the best bags EVAH!!!

    Totally agree w/kylienarak! :ghi5:
  13. If you want a casual and heavy duty bag, go for Cerf but choose dark color. If you don't expect to carry this bag a lot then Jumbo would be better.
  14. They are totally different bags...if you carry a lot...go for the cerf...it's great for work and travel...but then again, you already have the GST. Hmmm...well, my vote goes with the classic jumbo...you can wear it with anything!
  15. definitely jumbo flap..