Cerf tote or baby coco cabas - Help me decide

  1. I want to get a black chanel bag before the next price hike. Which one you like better?
  2. i like the coco cabas. What color were you thinking of getting?
  3. Cerf!
  4. They are so different, yet both so pretty. If you want a fun bag I say the CABAS. If you want a more structured bag I say the CERF.
  5. cabas!
  6. My vote goes to Cerf! :love:
  7. cert =)
  8. for me style-wise they are kind of apples and oranges so kind of hard to compare directly, if it is a choice I totally vote for the Cerf, it is a classic and I :heart::heart::heart: it a lot!
  9. Cerf - can easily glam up any outfit and will always be in style!
  10. Cerf tote
  11. Cabas :smile:
  12. Cerf:yes:
  13. Cerf!

    CERF. 100%. HANDS DOWN. it's a gorgeous, classic bag.
  15. I am so far the minority. I vote for cabas!!! Cerf is too serious .... to me.