cerf tote, is it a yes or no?


cerf tote

  1. it worth every penny

  2. u can find a better bag

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  1. i have a chance to own a cerf tote, it is about the same size as the balenciaga city.
    should i buy it or not?

    if u have a city too, how u compared the city with the cerf tote?
    and can u post pic wearing yours?

  2. Which size and closure are you looking at? I love the style and shape of the bag but I'm not sure if it's made it to my "really want" list yet.......
  3. I have the cerf tote, and it's a great if you are planning on using it for work. It is also a very classy bag. I usually carry a different Chanel bag for play and weekends.
  4. ITA with Michele - my Bal City is used for work, but it's a totally different look... super slouchy, casual. The Cerf is much more professional looking and structured - I love it! For size, the larger Cerf is probably more comparable to the City since the smaller Cerf is so short.

    I like both, but it depends on your style and workplace... from what I recall, you've tended to like less structured bags, so it would be quite a change for you.
  5. it's the bigger one with size almost like the city. with the CC closure.

    it's like this on :
  6. I think you would like the cerf tote, it has the sholder strap like the Bbag city. It has more structure though, mantains it's shape and doesnt slouch like the b bag, it's a very classic bag . What color are you thinking of?
  7. The cerf tote is structured and great for work. I always dreamed of getting one after I saw it in black caviar leather at the Ala Moana Mall in Oahu, Hawaii. I didn't get it due to finances at that time, but it's still a classic bag I'd love to own if I had the chance.
  8. Yes, it worths every penny. Go for it. It's simple and elegant.
  9. it's in dark brown or black :p
    but the prev owner doesn't have the extra shoulder strap though.

    i think it's also the same like these :

    cerftote.jpg cerftote2.jpg
  10. I totally :heart: my Cerf, I fell in love with it after seeing someone with it IRL and had to find one! Even though I am biased since I have one, I truly think it is a timeless, elegant AND useful bag - and with the small CC it is more on the subdued side. I think you can't go wrong with this in your collection. :yes:
  11. i would get it if i had the chance, it's been on my must have list for awhile.
  12. i think i'm going to get this cerf :dothewave:
    i'm going to give it a shot, it's def. the most "prefessional" bag that i ever had, but i love to found the example of the olsen adn friend, they def. can be worn "grungy" style too.

    thanks girls :smile:
  13. I almost bought it in brown/gold h/w but opted for the black metallic Luxe flap instead. I love the Cerf and love the way Ashley wears it, dressed down. Maybe I'll reconsider in the future.

    Glad you're going for it!!
  14. I love the larger cerf tote. :heart:
  15. sina, which is the larger cerf?
    the one that i'll get would be 13 1/2"x10x4 3/4".