Cerf Tote in "The Break Up"

  1. Does anyone know if the Cerf Totes that Jennifer Aniston wore in "The Break Up" were the small or large size?
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    It looks like the small size in the white and maybe the larger one in the black....:shrugs:
  3. the white is GORGEOUS!!! i want another now!
  4. Thanks!
  5. i prefer the cerf in large and it looks better in large.

    tammy i love ur pug ... so cute pug is my favourite dog.
  6. ^I agree, I think the shorter cerf looks a tad unproportionate. I noticed this when she had the two different sizes in the movie. The white is very nice, though.
  7. Anyone know how much they cost?
  8. 1695 for the smaller and 1995 for the larger one.
  9. thanks.
  10. My s/a quoted me $1850 for the large size.
  11. The cerf tote I have has a mademoiselle lock and was 1695. it's the smaller one.
  12. I like the large better too. Thanks for the compliment on my Lucy:love: .
  13. Please post photos if you can. And if anybody happen to have some photos comparing the two sizes please post them too.
  14. Savannah posted a pic of both sizes. I think it's in the Chocolate Cerf thread. Check there for the comparison pics.
  15. Yes, thank you! I think I prefer the large one