Cerf tote? in Patent?

  1. Hi all~
    it's nice to see everyone's additions to their collections!!
    I saw this beauty and hadn't seen one before and i've been literally living in this forum so I was wondering if you gals could enlighten me~

    is this some version of the cerf tote? do you know what it's called and what the retail price is? thanks much~!

  2. This is actually not a Cerf Tote, but a tote from the Diamond Shine collection (released for fall '06, although I think this particular tote is still available in some stores).

  3. hey thanks foxycleopatra,
    do you have any idea about the price? have you seen it anywhere recently?:confused1: TIA
  4. it's gorgeous!!! i want to know the price too
  5. That's a beauty. I saw some of the diamond shine bags many months back and I don't know the exact price but I thought they were on the high end.