Cerf tote / GST / Jumbo Classic??? HELP!!!

  1. Please help me decide! i love all these 3 bags. Which bags do you think i should get? It doesn't matter what the occasion is... I need to get it before the next price increase for fall...
  2. I will get jumbo first, then GST, then Cerf.
  3. Jumbo Classic
  4. ita, jumbo =)
  5. I'd go with either GST or Jumbo Classic first.
  6. Cerf, Jumbo and GST
  7. i like the cerf the best, then jumbo, not a fan of the GST, i actually bought it, but didn't end up keeping it.
  8. I actually like all three haha, but I love the Jumbo flap, followed by the Cerf, followed by the GST! I would say get the Jumbo flap. :smile: I plan to add a GST (black) and Cerf (brown) someday (maybe soon, maybe not) in my collection. :smile:
  9. jumbo then cerf
  10. i say....cerf, then jumbo (since the gst and cerf serve the same function I think) then gst.
  11. i think cerf, then jumbo, then GST
  12. jumbo, then gst, then cerf!
  13. jumbo, cerf, and then gst.
  14. jumbo classic. evryone needs a chanel classic in their wardrobe.

    then i'll choose cerf, love the style and GST
  15. I would get the flap first, then the GST and then the Cerf.