Cerf tote for work only????

  1. i'm thinking those who has the cerf tote, do you use it just for work?

    i really like the cerf but thinking of maybe using it like a birkin style bag.

    what do you girls think?
  2. I have a cerf tote in beige and I LOVE it!! I don't have a business-y type of job so I use it as an everyday bag. It's elegant,sophisticated and understated. I can't say enough about this bag!:love: I am dying for a choco one....maybe in the smaller size...So IMHO it can certainly be used as an everyday bag and not just a work bag:yes: .
  3. send pics of cert tote
  4. yes, pics pls.
  5. Here are some posted before by our members....
    Black Cerf_deerskin 1.jpg cerf1.jpg
  6. I recognise the frist bag. It belongs to Golden!
  7. Is this a classic bag that is always available, or is it a seasonal item?
  8. Thanks! I had forgotten to note the names down:shame:

    The bags are part of the permanent collection
  9. Here are Savannah's Cerf totes that she posted in another thread, large and small:

    Mmmmm...makes me want one...
  10. Does anyone have a Cerf in white? I would love to see...it must be gorgeous!
  11. ok thanks..
    I contemplated getting that one.. It just did not look right on me...
    I opted for the Medallion Tote
  12. i have a cerf and i dont ework :] there ya go!
  13. I love cerf totes in both sizes and don't think they're just for work. I especially love the black tote Rose posted that has the black and white AM skull scarf on it :rochard: .
  14. I have the Ceft in black. In fact, I own the one with the McQueen scarf :love: ...tehehehe..

    One of the most gorgeous bag I have. Very functional and I like the fact that it's a "low-key" type of CHANEL handbag.

    Highly-recommended ;)