CERF Tote - does it hold up well? age well?

  1. Ladies I need your HONEST advice about the CERF Tote -- I've been thinking about getting one for nearly two years now and am almost ready to bite the bullet (before the Sept. price increase!). I love the gorgeous DEERSKIN on that bag and have heard that it's actually one of the most durable leathers that Chanel uses. I like how it's structured yet pliable -- i.e. softens with use yet still maintaining its general structure (unlike most Chanel lambskin totes).

    But this past weekend I saw a friend with a 1-month-old Cerf and was told that the handles can get scratched up relatively easily (albeit not as easily as say, lambskin); she is pretty careful with her bags yet still I noticed that the handles show a bit of scratches and signs of wear (after just 1 month of wear) -- I wouldn't go so far as saying a thin piece of the leather on the strap part peeled off, but it did look like two tiny parts had greyed, sort of "worn off" and no longer had the same texture/shine as the main body of the bag. Is that normal with the Cerf Tote?

    Elsewhere the bag looked like new though, pristine condition even in the corners and on the bottom. The deerskin softened up quite a bit (compared to the store displays) which I like.

    What's been your experience with the Cerf Tote? Hopefully Cerf owners here actually USED the bag extensively? I realize it's a gorgeous Chanel (and at a "reasonable" price too, compared to most other Chanel's at the moment!) but right now I can buy it only if it indeed is a durable everyday bag that stands use. I just hope it's not one of those sit-on-the-shelf-looking-pretty Chanel totes that shows wear in like no time. Opinions? TIA!!
  2. I don't think that's normal. It does get soft over time, including the handles, but scratching, peeling, and graying??? The handles seem really durable to me. Are you sure her bag is real?
  3. Deerskin is indeed very durable, thick and pliable. What color is your friend's Cerf? I'm pretty careful with the handles of my bags, never holding them in my hand after applying hand cream or while just toting the bag in general since the oils from the hands can discolor handles.

    My opinion is that handles showing wear would be dependent upon 1) the color, 2) how the bag is held, and 3) how often the bag is in use. Another thought: keys can scratch the handles. If you're carrying car keys and slide your hand through the handles to put the bag on your arm or shoulder, the keys can scratch the leather. I've done this with older bags and learned a valuable lesson!
  4. Some people are just plain hard on their bags. I have given my mom some bags that I have used and they looked brand new. After a few months, they look beaten and worn. LOL. Not everybody babies their bags.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm 100% sure hers is the real thing, that I have no doubt about. I'm thinking now it has more to do with what Roey mentioned about oil from hands possibly discoloring the handles....think that's probably it. It wasn't too apparent unless you inspect it extremely closely, but (upon extremely close inspection) I could see a few strips of the leather on the handle showing a grey-ish color. Is there anything one could do to prevent those signs of wear with the handles? E.g. appleguard spray or anything similar (that many people use on Balenciaga handles)? Do most of you carry it as a tote or as a shoulder bag?
  6. ^^ Lovin My Bags makes a product specifically for handles, it's a pre-use product that's supposed to seal/protect them.
  7. I carry it as a shoulder bag mostly, and so far my bag looks as good as the day I bought it. I highly recommend it.