Cerf Tote! Come and get it!

  1. My NM has been sold of out these for forever, but just got a few in so I thought I would share the news! Available in black for $1580:nuts:

    Here is a pic too from Lisa!!! Call her if you are interested (248) 635-8442!
  2. are u sure it's 1580 not 1850? btw do you have the 1800# for that store? thanks
  3. Nordstrom Mall of America has this bag for $1850 in Black, Beige, and Dk Brown.
  4. yep, tks...that's what i figured 1850...1580 is too good to be true.
  5. My SA @ NM had that back in black today.
  6. VEey Hermes looking to me!! So pretty.

  7. That's what I thought too! :yes:

    I tried this on IRL and was kind of surprised, I really liked it!
  8. Ooops! Sorry about the price! I must have transposed the numbers! LOL!
  9. I'm sorry, but I don't have that. It is the NM in Troy, MIchigan. My SA's name is Lisa Hamlin. Not sure what the 1-800 number is though?:shrugs:
  10. Hirshliefer in Manhasset,NY has a few also...in black, white, brown and beige.
  11. me too, but a heck of a lot cheaper!:wlae:
  12. this bag is so simple and classic! plus it seems practical (from someone who always has a ton of stuff in her bags)
  13. Has anyone seen the black with silver hardware?

  14. Chanel Boutique in Chicago had one last week!
    ask for Pamela -she is great to work with!
  15. It is beautiful.