Cerf Question-Need Help from all Cerf owners

  1. Hi Ladies-

    I need your advice. I have been an LV lovers for years, but recently have switch to Chanel.

    I have an LV Batignolles that I like a lot, but I am eyeing the Chanel Cerf in the CC closure (not Madamoisse). I probably don't need another tote, but I really this bag a lot. Can I justify buying a Chanel tote if I already have an LV tote?

    My real concern is that I am afraid that the leather on the cerf will get softer in time and make the bag have less "structure." And not look as nice as first bought. I bought the LV big bucket when it first came out, and in time it can't stand up "straight" by itself due the weight it carries and gravity (like all of us when we get older!:p)

    Does anyone have a cerf bag that can comment on this? All help and advice appreciative! Thanks!!!
  2. What color do you want in the cerf? Either way though, a Chanel cerf is different enough from a LV BH that you can justify getting it.

    The leather on the cerf does get softer but I think the cerf looks pretty with some "sag"
  3. Since it's real leather, it gets soften but the shape still looks good. It's very functional, very chic and still cheaper than other large totes.
  4. I agree! I don't like the Cerf in it's posed, rigid stance. I quite like this pic of one of the Olsen twins carrying it. You could probably minimize the sag factor by not overloading it in use; however, I feel it looks much prettier with some "give".

  5. ^nice pic!
  6. I Have both the LV tote and the Cerf tote...love them both.I am currently using my Cerf tote as my summer bag. It seems to be holding up well, keeping its shape and all...however I am a little more careful with this bag since it is in tan... I tend to throw my LV bags around since they are so durable...
  7. I have the Black Cerf and I LOVE it! I want a Dark Brown one next! I would get the Python one too if I thought my hubby wouldn't kill me :p

    I say get one :tup:
  8. Cerf totes age very well.
  9. Although I don't have it, I much prefer the bag w/ sag! lol!
  10. Yes the leather will get softer eventually, but it doesn't take away from the beauty of the bag! I have a black cerf tote with gold CCs and it's absolutely stunning. I love it.
  11. Thanks ladies for all your help! I think I will get one now.
  12. I too have both the cerf and batignolles. The cerf will get softer but the way the bag is constructed...there is no way it will get floppy on you. :smile: