Cerf or Jumbo Flap? Help making decicision before price increases?

  1. I'm trying to fullfill my Timeless Chanel collection before the price increase in November 1st.

    Should I get a Jumbo Classic Black Caviar w/ silver for $2250 or
    a black cerf tote with gold CC for $1995?

    I own several classic flaps already but no cerf tote. But then, I know I'll be spending more on classic flap in Spring/Summer 2008 collection simply because new tdf colors coming out.

    What do you think? TIA
  2. NORMALLY I would have said jumbo flap, hands down.

    If you already have several flaps though, you might want to get the cerf.

    Me personally, I don't like the cerf and would get the jumbo but that's because I don't own any flaps yet.
  3. both? :graucho:

    sorry..not helping

    prob. cerf
  4. Cerf. tote w/cc closure:tup:
  5. without a doubt..Cerf. tote w/cc closure : )
  6. i love the jumbo, but like missisa07 said you have flaps already, so go with the cerf tote.
  7. You sound like someone who loves flaps. Would you use the Cerf enough to justify it? I would rather spend a little more on a bag I will use than less on one that will sit around unused.
  8. Tia, You can always get the Jumbo flap ...So another vote for the cerf. tote.
  9. Jumbo if you don't have one already.
  10. Thank you ladies. I don't think I want to buy both. I love flaps. Recently I start using clutches & just added a kelly bag. I'm lusting for a Hermes birkin & so hard to get one! Therefore this explain my lust for a cerf tote?

    The price of the jumbo will be in the $2600 range in next month is outrage. So I'm thinking should I get it now?

    Have anyone own a cerf tote & use much? I have never tried on a cerf tote yet?

  11. I have the Black w/Gold CC Cerf and it is my favorite and most used bag out of ALL my bags :love: .... I thought I wanted a Birkin at first also and couldn't justify the price and also didn't like the whole buckle/flap thing which is how I ended up with the Cerf in the first place, has such a similar look! I also bought a Chanel Kelly instead of the Hermes :upsidedown:

    Oh, and I also have the Cerf in Dark Brown w/Gold CC's
  12. I like the jumbo more than the cerf, so I vote jumbo.
  13. I love my flaps but I find my Cerf (Chocolate/dark brown with CC closure) heaps more convenient for daily use. Really depends what size of bags you need for everyday wear :flowers: ...or if not flap if you're looking for more an evening bag?
  14. since you already anticipate getting more flaps in the Spring, why not get a "winter" bag...the Cerf?
    I especially like the one with the CC closure...good luck with your decision!
  15. i really love the cerf and do not have one yet but its definitely on my list! i think a cerf would be good for you since u already have a couple of flaps