cerf or baby cabas?

  1. i just want an office bag, but i'm concerned that the cerf is too heavy and the cabas is not as resiliant (is it waterproof?). anyone have an opinion on this? thanks!!
  2. I just saw the cerf IRL for the first time. It is very elegance and a good looking bag! The leather seems durable but luxurious.
  3. I have both, but haven't actually used the Cerf yet... the Cerf would fit perfectly in a professional setting & it's not heavy at all. The Cabas is a great everyday bag and is definitely not as structured as a Cerf. You can't go wrong with either one. If you wanted to tote around documents.. I'd go with the Cerf. :yes:

    I think both are Ok, with water... like if it we're to get splashed.. it wouldn't do too much damage to either. But definitely not in the pouring rain.
  4. Very different bags. It depends, do you want something more structered or casual? I think you can dress up/down both bags...but the Cerf is more of an office type bag I guess, but kinda depends what type of office you work in also! haha If you have to wear suits & dress more professional I would go w/ the Cerf.
  5. I would choose the Cerf between the two.
    My reasons are the Cerf is more timeless, will definitely last longer style-wise in my opinion, also the cerf is more structured and I don't like a big, gaping, floppy bag for myself :biggrin:
  6. I think the cerf is more of a classic whereas the cabas is trendier. My vote goes to the cerf.
  7. baby Cabas
  8. I had this same dilemma, I really loved both bags, but couldn't choose. In the end I got both.

    I find the Baby Cabas an easy going casual bag (the way it's slouchy), while the Cerf is more professional looking (very structured). Both bags are light weight, and I think the leather on both are pretty durable.
  9. I had this exact question when I started my Chanel affair.

    I think the Cerf without the band closure (the older design I think) is better than the Baby Cabas, but the Baby Cabas is better than the Cerf with the band closure. The Cerf band closure just looks ugly to me and not very user friendly.

    So I bought the Cerf without the band closure first (because it's an older style and will soon be much more difficult to find) then I bought the Baby Cabas.

    Hope that makes sense and is helpful.
  10. I totally agree. I love the cabas but I don't think it would be that functional in a work setting. The cerf holds its shape and could accomodate files and such for work.
  11. Definitely Cerf for a professional setting. It's so gorgeous and looks functional! It would go with any work outfit, too.
  12. Exactly!
  13. I like the baby cabas better, but for your needs I think the cerf would better suit your needs.
  14. it's sick because i own the baby cabas but i vote cerf all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. definitely the cerf! i dont like the baby cabas.. :tdown::sad: good luck making your decision honey!! :smile: