Cerf in Paris?

  1. I will be going to Paris for Thanksgiving and I was thinking about picking up a cerf tote from Chanel while I'm there. Anyone know the price of the cerf there? Will I be saving money over buying it in the US considering the current exchange rate and the VAT refund??

  2. I would plan on knowing how much it costs where you live plus tax before you go to Paris. Once you are there, I would ask at the store what the VAT refund is. I am not sure what Chanel's was, but LV was 19% and Gucci was 15%, so there's should be around the same as that. The stores are very helpful and will add it up for you so you know exactly how much it will be after the tax refund.

    Enjoy your trip! If time permits, go to Angelina for the most amazing hot chocolate in the world! It is a cute little restaurant/tea room near the Louvre and across from the Jardin de Tuileries.